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EPIC IS CLOSED until further notice.


1. All hair must be pulled back No hair should be in front of the face.

2. No student should wear jewelry.

3. Female gymnasts wear a leotard (body suit), Unitard, shorts and fitted T-shirt or tank tops.. NO sports bras alone, Crop tops, or excessively baggy shirts

4. Male gymnasts, cheerleading & tumbling students wear gym shorts and a t-shirt or tank top ..NO excessively baggy shirts or crop tops. Shirts should be fitted

5. Free Running Students wear shorts/ sweatpants & t-shirts or tank tops..NO excessively baggy shirts

6. NO athlete’s should wear shorts or shirts with BUTTONS or ZIPPERS in the gym at anytime

7. Gymnastics students go bare foot in class. Socks and shoes should be place in the cubicles. Cheerleading students should bring in their appropriate cheer sneakers. No shoes worn on the street will be allowed in the gym.

8. Tumbling students may choose to go bare foot or wear their appropriate tumbling sneakers.

Since dress codes are for safety reasons, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for each class. Students not in accordance with the dress code may not be able to participate in class.

Thank you!!

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