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EPIC IS CLOSED until further notice.

  Recreational: Students will learn basic skills on a variety of apparatus including; vault, bars, beam, floor, tumble track, and trampoline. Students will also build the basic movements required to perform forward rolls, handstands and cartwheels. They will also improve their strength and flexibility through basic conditioning and stretching.

  Advanced Gym (Pre-Team): The purpose of this class is to prepare students for participation in competitive gymnastics. Students must have commitment and drive to practice at an advanced level in order to progress from basic moves to more specific moves. These skills will be practiced on all apparatus and will include; handsprings (forward and backward) on the floor exercise, cartwheels and handstands on the balance beams, kips and hip circles on the uneven parallel bars, and front handsprings over the vaulting table.

  Team: As a part of our team, gymnasts will be expected to come to every practice, and give all of their effort for the entire time they are in the gym. Gymnasts will also be expected to participate in competitions against other gymnastics schools. Gymnasts will learn routines on each apparatus in which they will repeat several times each practice. Since many of the skills have been roughly learned through the progression of other classes, the gymnasts on team will focus on being more precise with the skills in order to prepare for competition.

  Adult: This class is for all skill levels. This is an instructed class for adults who are interested in learning gymnastics or maintaining gymnastics skills. They will increase flexibility and strength through various stretches and conditioning.

  Conditioning: This is a class focused on gaining muscles through not only specific strength training, but through gymnastics skills that builds muscle as it is performed. Bars and mats will be utilized to set up exercises which allow the students to lift their own body weight.